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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe businesses should be honest and transparent about their products and services. Here are the answers to questions we get asked on a regular basis.
How long will it take to build my website?

The timeline for building your website can vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project. A simple, straightforward website with basic features can often be completed within 4 to 6 weeks. However, more intricate websites with advanced functionalities, e-commerce capabilities, or custom design requirements may take longer, typically ranging from 2 to 6 months. It’s important to note that factors such as the clarity of your project requirements, timely provision of content and feedback, and the availability of resources can significantly impact the development timeline.

To get a more accurate timeline, please fill out our online questionnaire form.

So, how much is this going to cost me?

There is no exact one-size-fits-all pricing structure as every website is different and may require more complex features and functionality than others. For example, if a website requires online ordering or a member portal, it’s going to take much more time to build than a simple static one-page website. It really comes down to your needs and business goals. By filling out our online questionnaire form we will be able to get you a more accurate quote.

On average most of our clients spend around $3,000-$5,000 for a basic information website. But there are some sole proprietors who may only need a more simple solution that can be accommodated for under $2,000. For larger companies that need a more robust approach, the price can go up to $10,000 or more depending on the complexity of their needs.

What is the payment process?

Before work begins, a 50% deposit is required upon signing the contract. The final 50% is due once you have signed off on the completed project prior to launch.